Department of Linguistics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
105 Smith Building, CB#3155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Email: hsub [at]

Hello! I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Linguistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I will join the faculty as an Assistant Professor in fall 2019. I earned my Ph.D in linguistics in 2016 from the University of Southern California.

My research interests are in syntax and phonology, with a focus on their interfaces. Broadly, I study the sources of word-order variation and the effects of morpho-syntactic factors on phonological processes. My recent work investigates the syntax of functional projections and head movement, aspects of Prosodic Phonology, and morpheme-specific phonological patterns. More of my previous and ongoing work can be found on the Research page.

Recent presentations:

New papers:

  • Hsu, Brian. Coalescence: A unification of bundling operations in syntax. Revised ms. (March 2019) on Lingbuzz:
  • Hsu, Brian. In press. Exceptional prosodification effects revisited in Gradient Harmonic Grammar. To appear in Phonology 36(2). Revised ms. on Lingbuzz:
  • Hsu, Brian and Saurov Syed. to appear. Variation in the co-occurrence of indexical elements: evidence for split indexical projections in DPs. To appear in Proceedings of WCCFL 36. [prepublication draft]

Recently published:

  • Hsu, Brian and Karen Jesney. 2018. Weighted scalar constraints capture the typology of loanword adaptation. In Proceedings of AMP 2017. [available online]
  • Hsu, Brian. 2017. Verb second and its deviations: an argument for Feature Scattering in the left periphery. Glossa 2(1): 35. DOI:
  • Hsu, Brian and Karen Jesney. 2017. Loanword Adaptation in Québec French: Evidence for Weighted Scalar Constraints. In Proceedings of WCCFL 34. [available online]